I’m convinced that yonderland is a fangirl pandering show all the baybond , and larry and mat and mat and martha and simon steaIing mats clothes! New lifestyle choice my ass! I think they’re using the baby of the group so girls will scream happily much like I do! I mean….even the stick and the elf flirt GO BAYBOND! Fooking christ I love this show!


The poor thing never got to play…

Miss Fanshawe and Mr. Havelock


Larry Rickard + Being a Fangirl

yonderland + tumblr (also here)

yonderland ♔ episode five → closing the portal 

Oh Debbie, you came into our world and made our lives complete. Oh Debbie, you made us feel so snug, just like a fitted sheet.


"Perhaps if we cast off our cumbersome robes!" 

it even looks like a wand!